Affordable Signature and Secured Personal Loan Options

SAMCO Finance offers two types of personal loans: title loans and signature loans. These can also be classified as “secured” and “unsecured” loans. The difference is that secured title loans are protected by collateral, usually some sort of asset like a vehicle or property. Signature loans do not offer the same kind of protection and are often smaller loans than title loans. The main deciding factor is the value of the asset protecting the loan.

With a signature loan, a proof of income will be necessary and will help determine the loan amount you can receive from the lender. These types of loans include student loans, credit card loans, and other personal loans. Interest rates are typically higher with these kinds of loans.

Comparing Title and Signature Loans

  • Title loans are protected by collateral.
  • Signature loans are typically a smaller dollar amount.
  • The size of a title loan varies depending on the size of the asset.
  • Proof of income necessary with signature loans.
  • Interest rates are higher with signature loans.

At Samco Finance, we’re dedicated to helping our clients choose the best loan options for their personal situation. For more information or to get started on your loan, contact us today! We proudly serve clients in and around Abilene and San Angelo, TX.

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